The Mary Pendered Collection is located at Wellingborough Library. It contains both original manuscript and typescript material, such as plays, essays and short stories by Mary Pendered. It also includes some of her published works. Of some interest are a number of manuscript volumes of the Hampstead Budget literary magazine.

Born in Wellingborough in 1854, Mary Pendered was the daughter of a local businessman. She worked for a time as a journalist for the Wellingborough News, writing under the pseudonym of ‘Redwell’. She also contributed to the Northamptonshire County Magazine. Nationally she is noted for her writing that included stories and poems for children, and plays such as the trilogy ‘plays for peacemakers’, that were produced in London and towns and cities in the provinces. Pendered produced two important essays, The Book of Common Joys and The Truth About Men, by a Spinster, the latter being serialised in Womans Realm. She also wrote a biography of the artist John Martin and published historical research, including the book The Fair Quaker. By the time of her death in 1942, Mary Pendered had also written 30 romantic and historical novels.

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