HEMSoP-LE-LERBWelcome to Leicestershire Heritage Service’s Open Museum On-Line where you can find a selection of museum displays and objects from our loan collections. There are two sections for you to explore, Resource Box and Moving Objects.

Resource Box

Resource Box is a large collection of museum artefacts, models and replicas covering subjects that include natural history, archaeology, history, craft and cultural diversity.

Moving Objects

HEMSoP-LE-LEMOAn exciting scheme that brings museum displays into a wide range of community venues and now three of the displays are available on-line, as well as information about managing a community project. Moving Objects displays explore topics in a way that is informative and entertaining using artefacts that range from historic to everyday modern objects.

Important Information: Please note that currently, only schools, colleges and community organisations in Leicestershire and Leicester can borrow from the schemes, but on-line users will find plenty of information and inspiration on these pages!